The Magician

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Claudia and Dave

David Waite and his lovely wife Claudia at the 2016 Metaphysical Magic retreat

by David Waite

a poetic reflection on the Metaphysical Magic Retreat


Life is filled with

Events – each with a measure of energy.

Some, seem to be more important…

Others, not…

Who determines that???

Who, me? … … … me.


I’m the one always choosing events and their importance in my life…


Events…      have perspective-

They can be past, present, or future

Past events inform the new events

Present events are life unfolding (new)

Future events are the ideas yet to be…

All of this together is life being created.


Created…  Oh…

By my choices I am creating my reality

Each moment of each day.

Who am I…???   By my thoughts,

I am the one creating.

Therefore, I am the magician in this lifetime.


Clearly, this is who I was pretending not to be.



Life then is precious.

Each Life is sacred.

Each one of us is imbued with consciousness and desires

Gifted from God.

Moment to moment.

Our thoughts: a key to being…

Thoughts exist only in the present moment.


Gifted from God…


Other influences? Yes, there seem to be some of those.


Lessons to learn/experience…


Universe; Planets; Ecosystems;

As magicians, we interact daily with these –

Mostly, to understand them,

to learn from them;

to pay attention to them.

Ahh. Pay attention. How do we do that…?

Our thoughts…

are prayers.

Our prayers.

One Response to “The Magician”

  1. Jane Batt

    Hi David- I like this poem, especially the line at the end,
    “Our thoughts…
    are prayers.
    Our prayers.”


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