“ISD Is My Home”

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By Candace Ford

My name is Candace Ford. I am originally from Pensacola, FL and I am a veteran of the United States Army. I am the single parent of my one son Lanel, who also serves as an usher here at ISD from time to time.

I had my first exposure to psychic abilities when I was a little girl. My great aunt, who raised me until I was nine, had the ability to read playing cards. As I grew up, I went to Baptist and and Pentacostal churches. I always felt like there was something more, though. “Church people” all seemed to be intent on judging others and bashing them behind their back. I am not for bashing anyone for ANYTHING. I love EVERYONE. No matter what, I have always seen the good in, and loved others.

So by the time that I got stationed in Washington, D.C., I had absolutely no plans for joining a church. I began returning to my “psychic roots” and, when searching for places to buy sage, I discovered Sacred Circle bookstore in Old Town Alexandria. The store offered some classes that I was really interested in, and I ended up taking a psychic development class taught by longtime ISD member Lyriel Claire. She told me of several churches in the area, including ISD, that were from same spiritual perspective that I had begun to explore.

So I came to ISD for a Sunday Service, and never left! At ISD I felt the love, acceptance and warmth emanating throughout the building. ISD accepted me right away with twang, and all the “aint’s,” “cants,” ya’lls and everything else that comes with country me. I love you all and there is nothing you can do about it! If I am mad with you I still love you. If you call me I will come if you need me — I am there.

This is my first metaphysical experience and it is what I have been looking for all my life. ISD is my home. ISD is my family — I have my “mother,” “father,” “big brothers,” “aunts” and “cousins. I support ISD because it is my home. Just like when I think about keeping the lights on at my residence, I want make sure that the lights stay on in my spiritual home.

You will not find this knowledge and acceptance anywhere else, and I think that there needs to be an ISD in every city – like the WaWa convenience store on every corner!


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