I’ll Tell You Mine if You Tell Me Yours…

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By Rev. Rob Banaszak

Wherever you are as you read this, stop everything. Put the phone down, stop scrolling, sit or stand completely still. Look around you. Where are you? What is going on with you? What is going on around you? What is going on between you and those whom love you love? Where were you on your way to and where were you coming from? Are you happy? Sad? Longing, Satisfied?

Whatever is you are feeling, wherever you have come from up until this very moment, is your Story. It may be a lovely one, it may be a scary one, it may be a boring one, or it may be an exciting one. And, be it reviled or precious to you, it is simply that. A story.

Yet here you are, at THE pivotal point in entire Universe — if you weren’t here at this moment in this time, NOTHING in the entire Universe would be the same. Nothing. Because if the Universe is anything OTHER than what it is at this pinpoint moment, it wouldn’t be the Universe!

But here’s the thing…it’s not the “Story of You” that is this pinpoint moment, it is YOU IN THIS MOMENT! So that means that from this pivotal point forward, the story is YOURS TO WRITE. No one from any time in your past, no experience from your past, and no anxiety caused by worrying about future moments are actually IN THIS MOMENT. YOU get to choose the next thought. The next word. The next chapter. The next book. The next series of books. All your choice. In this moment.

Each and every one of our stories is epic. And, in this exquisitely pure moment we have stopped in RIGHT NOW, we get to choose what’s next in that story. We can choose to tell the next chapters as a rehashing, re-calling, or re-membering, of the story before this moment, or we can get really creative and tell a completely NEW story of us — with new ideas, interests, passions, people — even beliefs!

I’ve heard many of your stories before now, and I’ve certainly shared many of mine with you. But at this moment, we get to choose what our story will be from this point forward … for our individual selves, and for our community. So let’s think big and tell some audaciously awesome stories full of wide-eyed wonder ands and mind-boggling manifestations. What do we have to lose?

It’s just a story, right?

May we be always be kind and creative.

Rev. Rob

p.s. You can hear many of these ideas addressed in my most recent homily Just. Be. Cause.

3 Responses to “I’ll Tell You Mine if You Tell Me Yours…”

  1. Laraine Lomberg

    Bless your Special Soul on this All Souls Day ~
    I enjoy your Pastor Posts, yet somehow do not get around to telling you. Perhaps it was the words “stop everything” And so I did.
    My life is better with you in my story. I love you…laraine


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