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by Rev. Rob Banaszak, Pastor, ISD-DC

RevRobBanaszak_InstagramHave you felt the HUMMMMM at ISD over the last couple of weeks?

The energy? The excitement? The expectancy?

Perhaps you felt it when special guest minister Rev. JoAn Dawkins’ presented her magnificent homily about infinite possibilities. Or when Savitri Khalsa wowed us with the “participatory preview” of her upcoming “Playful Heart” workshop.

Did you feel it during the first ever Healers Circle on January 28?  We all definitely felt it in the final Guided Meditation class, when our closing meditation came to life with our spontaneous surge of collective creativity. I also heard folks say they felt it during the SuperBlueBlood Meditation, as we centered ourselves in preparation for the effects of the rare celestial occurrence.

And I felt it bigtime during the fresh new Imbolc Ritual, as we — celebrant, musicians, and congregants — co-created a reverent and magical experience that perfectly concluded our week of energizing spiritual activities , and propelled us right into another!

We are IN it now, Friends. We’re In the zone. We’re in the flow. We are present and we are alive and our Spiritual Community’s truth is stirring in our hearts and souls, awaiting its full and expansive awakening.

Can we keep this momentum going? Yes we can! This week we launch our Inner Authority Series, a four-session series demonstrating a mix of practical spiritual modalities,  exercises and rituals we can use to realign with our personal power and “act” on our inner knowing.

Rev. Kathy Kerston’s residency will include two more stand-alone classes on February 13 and February 15, each giving us more tools to “get with ourselves.” She’ll also be offering a limited number of private readings, so be sure to email her right away at to schedule yours (and to give her your birth information).

We are still in plPledgeToMoveForwardLogoedge season, and many of you have already “Pledged to Move Forward.”  This is a significant component to building our momentum! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?  Renew your membership and indicate your monthly pledge.  Then you, too, keep us moving forward. Look for your pledge card in the mail in the next few days or download a pledge card here. Fill it out, and return it:

  • Mail it
  • Sign it, scan it and email it to
  • Drop it off at Sunday Service

As metaphysicians, we know that we won’t BE big unless we DREAM BIG. Let’s join together in the coming months on an exciting, exhilarating adventure. Let’s share our experiences, respect each other’s unique gifts and ideas, and manifest an ever-evolving Spiritual Community, revealed in Joy and expressed in Love.

Oh, and let’s have LOTS of fun along the way!


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