Hello, September!

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by Rev. Rob Banaszak, Pastor

Here we are. Our “cultural” Summer has ended and we are at that strangely purgatorial, yet still anticipatory, pre-Autumn period of “Back to School…”

There he goes again with the ‘time thing’”

RevRobBanaszak_InstagramOkay I have admitted publicly in my homily that I am a bit obsessed with time, but I just need a moment of reflection about the past few months for a moment, I promise…

We did have a pretty great summer, didn’t we? We welcomed a new minister to the podium (recently sanctioned Rev. Theresa Del Grippo, who is also our accompanist), as well as a veteran minister (Rev. Janet Johnson, one of the first cohort of ordained ISD ministers in 1992, who now leads our Spanish Service). We had two popular psychic development events, one a tried, traditional and true Development Circle led by Rev. Ken Foor, and one a refreshing new model for exploring our psychic gifts led by Rev. Fran Wright called “Psychic Sampler Saturdays.” We had a delightful workshop learning to play the Crystal Bowls with returning instructors Helixx and Dorian Lumina Aillery and we bent spoons with Tammy La Drew. We popped into a candlelit Sanctuary for a restorative Evening Meditation and we aligned body and spirit at our Healing Circle, We were captivated by the storytelling stylings of Roy Brown Eagle. Thanks to the dedication and spirit of new member Debra Davis, we raised more money, more rapidly than ever to outfit 22 children from the Douglas Knoll Center with their back-to school-backpacks full of supplies. We lingered during Fellowship Hour, deep in conversation. We laughed during the pick-up lunch outings that gathered after the service. We received Light from practitioners of the Sukyo Mahikari Center of Washington, D.C. Lots and lots of Loving Energizing Light.

Just recently, welcomed four new students to the ISD Ministerial Program, each of whom has answered a Call that cannot be unheard once its heard. A Call to serve our Spiritual Community. A Call to serve the Divine. A Call to raise the vibration of the Universe. A Call to LOVE. And LOVE AGAIN. And LOVE SOME MORE after th, at. For John Bestland, Wendy Harmic, Hilary Loewenstein and Lisa Schwanger, the journey to answer the Call is ending, the journey to LIVE the Call is just beginning. I am inspired by their courage, and I am filled with hope at the possibilities they offer for themselves and for our Community.

September is already in full swing, and it looks like a pretty exciting few months for us. And we know that the time has come to elevate our experience at ISDDC, too. We know from the past that we can definitely survive, and always “get by.”

A vibrant Spiritual Community, however, requires more than just survival. We must THRIVE . To do that we must engage, envision, explore, and, most importantly, ENJOY what we creating so that we can manifest even more. It’s that simple. Showing up is good. Participating is even better — so sing, share, move, question, speak, reflect — whatever is happening when you arrive, join in when you do!  It’s why you came, right? Owning is best! Think there’s something that can be improved? Then don’t just think it. Don’t just say it. DO IT. Claiming ownership of an idea/project/experience that YOU BELIEVE IN is courageous, inspiring and productive. When you can lead others to the experience you have imagined, you lead YOU to YOUR highest self.

We have infinite aspects of our Community just awaiting YOUR claim to their cultivation or success, and you can own them in many ways…It’s not about buying! Its about championing — with your time, your dedication, and your determination,

Yes. We had a fabulous Summer at ISDDC that revealed a new appreciation for attending, participating in, and owning what our Community is and what it is becoming. Yay for us!  So now what we know what if feels like to win, we know there’s even more to manifest together.

Just Own It!

Rev. Rob

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