Grace on a Rock

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By Rev. Rob Banaszak

Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington, D.C.

RevRobBanaszak_InstagramI grew up with lots of elephants making camp in the room. We moved around them so deftly that I now marvel at how we were able to have any conversation with so many topics being avoided. There is a short-term relief from the discomfort that avoiding those elephants may bring, but it really doesn’t serve the integrity of any relationship in the longterm to make avoidance the norm.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve had to leave that comfort zone behind and “keep it real” for our ISD-DC community by addressing some recent unpleasant bumps in the road we’ve been dealing with. You can listen to my homily from this past Sunday for more intel, but the point of THIS note is to affirm the unique, pivotal opportunity these — or any — bumps can be for us to re-group, reflect, and RE-DEDICATE ourselves to our Spiritual Journey, and our beautiful Community in which that journey can unfold.

In the New Testament, Matthew 7:24-27, we hear hear the famous passage about building a house on a rock foundation or a sand foundation, and which can withstand the elements that it will inevitably face throughout its existence. And now, we get to choose for ourselves…is our Spiritual Community built on a rock or on sand? And will we BE the rock foundation that it needs to withstand the elements, or will we disappear like sand?

When we accept our challenges instead of the denying them, then apply our metaphysical principles of consciousness and intention to them, we not only recover from “bumps along the way” more quickly, but we grow even stronger as a result of them.

Wonderful things are happening for our Community RIGHT NOW. In spite of our challenges AND because of our challenges, we ARE moving forward and becoming a better Community today than we were yesterday. And we will continue becoming better.

The world only moves forward. And so do we.

Let’s consciously choose GRACE as we do.


4 Responses to “Grace on a Rock”

  1. Shery Foor

    Beautifully said, Rob. Love the use of the elephants in the room.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. Carol Stocking

    Thank you for your courage and depth, Rev. Rob. Only the truth can set us free as a community, but also in our individual personal lives. We are all forgiven by the Divine, which empowers us to forgive ourselves and each other.

    Grace and Peace to all!
    Carol S.


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