Your Beliefs: Are They Serving You? How Tarot and Tapping Can Answer the Question

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With Bev Hitchins

April 10, 17, 24 and May 1, 2018

$25 Members/$30 Friends per class

(Discount if all classes are paid in full by the start of the first class)

Participants must have a basic knowledge of Tarot cards to take this class

Did you ever set a goal with confidence, and then feel old beliefs about life or about you begin seeping into your plan to accomplish that goal?

Did you ever get derailed from accomplishing what you have stated you want to accomplished by nagging “voices” from the past in your head (parents, teachers, siblings, friends)?

This four-session class will help you identify a long-desired personal goal, then uncover the subconscious beliefs blocking its manifestation. By using the tools of Tarot and the Emotional Freedom Technique, (or tapping),  you’ll have the opportunity to explore the hidden, underlying influences of those beliefs, so you can begin to address them once and for all.

We’ll learn how to turn what started as a subconscious belief into a specific action step that enables us to move beyond where we are at the first class.

Register and Pay (please show digital or printed receipt upon arrival)

About Bev Hitchins

BevHitchinsA professional Tarot card reader for the past 13 years and trainer for more than 30 years, Bev Hitchins is excited to facilitate this four-week course. In March she taught an introduction to the Tarot “Learn to Read the Tarot, How Pictures Reveal the Truth” at ISD. In addition, she offers a basic course online and a monthly Beyond the Basics Tarot class in Alexandria, VA, on a variety of topics.

She has written articles for the American Tarot Association journal. Since 2006 she has been a reader at the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel’s Psychic Saturday. For more information, go to www.


Your Beliefs: Are They Serving You?  How Tarot and Tapping Can Answer the Question

Institute for Spiritual Development


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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