Spring Awakening: The ISD-DC Annual Retreat

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Listen! Can you hear it? The alarm you set is blaring! It’s time to live your best life!  And don’t even think about hitting that snooze button. You don’t want to go through another day sleepwalking through your possibilities. So..

Spring Awakening Flower littleWAKE UP! ITS TIME TO LIVE!

ISD-DC presents Spring Awakening, our first ever “in-house” retreat, designed to yank those covers off your comfort zone, and push you out the door to YOUR BEST LIFE!

AWAKEN YOUR MIND with conversation and brain-stimulating exercises to shape your listening and hone your mindfulness.

AWAKEN YOUR BODY with movement & dance, singing, chanting and eating!

AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT with meditation, intuitive readings, energy work, communal drumming and sharing.

Sound uncomfortable? GOOD! We’re here for you. So get up from your nap, get out of your comfort zone and get into your BEST LIFE!

Download the brochure here

Register & Pay (Please present printed OR digital receipt)

Spring Awakening: The ISD-DC Annual Retreat

Institute for Spiritual Development


6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

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