Shamanic Cord Cutting Ceremony

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An Inner Authority Event

With Matthew Tolford
Sunday, February, 25, 2018
1 – 3  p.m., after Service
$45 Admission
(ISD-DC Members receive two sessions free after completing all Inner Authority Sessions)

Continuing the “Inner Authority Series,” Matthew Tolford is facilitating a Shamanic Cord Cutting Ceremony. In this ceremony, you will be lead to connect with your guides, angels, the divine, or your higher self for your best and highest good. This ceremony, practiced for thousands of years in many different forms, is designed to help you “cut the cords” to that which holds you back or does not server you.  This can show up in many different ways; however, your participation allows it to show up as it is best for you in this moment.

This is one of Matthew’s most powerful events, allowing for unexpected insight and healing for the attendees.  While it is Matthew who facilitates this event, your participation allows you, along with your guides, angels, or highest self, to have the exact right experience for you.  This Ceremony is performed as a group to allow the synergy of all the attendees to support each individual as it is right for them, meanwhile using this same energy to help heal and grow each other.

Cutting the cords or attachments to what does not serve us, is essential for recognizing and accessing our inner authority.  Although this can be accomplished in many different ways, Matthew’s Cord Cutting Ceremonies provide a safe, supportive, and loving environment for intuitive, insightful, and loving personal growth.

This ceremony was channeled to Matthew by Archangels Metatron and Michael and uses a combination of traditional Shamanic principals combined with learning and deep meditation.  Matthew has offered this unique Cord Cutting Ceremony adapted for many purposes (e.g., Relationships, attachment to ‘stuff’, self-image, abundance and manifestation) for over a decade.   One person shared on meetup:

Matthew’s Cord Cutting Ceremony was over the top for me. Sorry I didn’t share my experience at event, but honestly needed to absorb the incredible healing and support I received from Matthew and with his facilitation my guides/angels throughout the evening.

MatMatthew Tolfordthew, owner of NewGrowth Healing, is an Intuitive Healer & Energy Worker, Shamanic Practitioner, Thought leader, Hypnotherapist, teacher and coach. He practices and teaches multiple Healing Modalities and coaches on life skills, relationships, business skills, and the application of spiritual principle for self empowerment for all aspects of daily life.

Matthew is a pioneer in Cognitive Spiritual Healing. Cognitive Spiritual Healing integrates energy work and our conscious intention to recognize our powers as co-creators of our experience, and to create the experience that we desire using our conscious awareness and spiritual principles. This takes many esoteric Concepts and transform them into useful daily tools. It recognizes the power of many spiritual traditions throughout the ages as well as our own participation in establishing our well-being.

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Shamanic Cord Cutting Ceremony

Institute for Spiritual Development


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

3 Responses to “Shamanic Cord Cutting Ceremony”

  1. Cheryl Ganzer

    Amazing!! Matthew is such a
    Powerful healer.. Start the
    New Year on the right foot..
    And let Matthew assist you
    In cutting cords, and releasing
    Negative patternsI highly
    Recommend Matt.. and give
    His healings four stars

  2. Cyn Jensen

    Even though I’m not able to attend the Cord Cutting Ceremony today, I have attended others that Matthew has facilitated. In past sessions I have gained a new awareness, especially through his channeling of Archangel Metatron, that has encouraged me to take brave, bold steps forward in my life and SPECIFICALLY release things that no longer positively serve me. If you attend today’s session, I know you will leave with new/reborn loving feelings and the ability to continue to cut cords in the future!


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