Integrated Spanish/English Metaphysical Service with Special Guests from Sukyo Mahikari

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The Institute for Spiritual Development is a diverse, God-Centered, metaphysical church and spiritual community dedicated to expanding our spiritual awareness in an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance.

Welcome HomeThis month, as ONE COMMUNITY, we unite our regular Sunday Service with our Spanish Language Service to become ONE SUNDAY SERVICE serving EVERYONE.

On the second Sunday of each month, this unique, interactive experience will feature the full ISD Sunday Service and all of its regular components (prayer, singing, special musical presentations, guided meditation and messages from spirit), some spoken or in sung English, and some spoken or sung in Spanish, so both Spanish-speakers and English-speakers can be part of the same community worship experience. Printed translations of the respective components will be included in the bulletin and available in the pews. 

Also This Sunday! Experience the Light with Special Guests from Sukyo Mahikari!

Sukyo with AnaEnjoy the positive energy called “Light” from Sukyo Mahikari practitioners.

The speaker for the day will be a Myrna Beckford, a Sukyo Mahikari practitioner who will offer the presentation in both English and Spanish, and will be part of the team giving Light during the Affirmation of Spirit and immediately following the service to anyone from the ISDDC community who wishes to receive it.

Sukyo Mahikari is an energy practice through which you can receive a positive energy called “Light” that is transmitted from the hand of a practitioner. By receiving Light you can revitalize your spirit, mind, and body. Some people feel calmer and gain greater clarity of mind. By giving Light and practicing principles of harmonious living, you can profoundly transform your life.

Sukyo MahikariSukyo Mahikari has over a million practitioners and has centers all over the world where people can receive Light or learn to give it. Members of the Washington DC center are demonstrating the Light for anyone who would like to experience it. They give the light by pointing their palm at you while you sit in a chair about a foot away. Check out Sukyo Mahikari Center of DC’s Facebook page at

Servicio de celebración metafísica inglés / español 11 a.m.

Instituto para el Desarrollo Espiritual es una iglesia y comunidad metafisicamente centrada en Dios, espiritualmente inclusiva, dedicada a nuestra conciencia spiritual rodeada en un ambiente de Amor y aceptacion incondicional.

Este mes, Unimos nuestra Comunidad – invitando a todos de lengua hispana al servicio dominguero en la lengua Inglesa para celebrar juntos con un Solo Servicio sirviendo a todos.

El Segundo domingo de cada mes vamos a tener una experiencia unica y muy  interactiva.  La union de nuestros servicios es unico a nuestra comunidad.  Vamos a presenciar esta union – con rezos, cantos, musica especial, meditacion guiada, y mensajes de nuestro guias espirituales.    Esta integracion va a ser – partes dicha con partes cantadas en Ingles y partes dicha con partes cantada en espanol.  De esta forma todos que hablamos Ingles y Espanol podemos participar juntos con una experiencia en comunidad divina.  Vamos a tener las partes escritas con su traduccion respectivas en los dos idiomas y van a estar o en el bulletin or en los asientos.

Queremos invitarlos empezando el 9 de Septiembre a las 11:00 am.  Los esperamos a esta nueva experiencia.




Integrated Spanish/English Metaphysical Service with Special Guests from Sukyo Mahikari

Institute for Spiritual Development


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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