Deliberate Intent: The Way to Maximize Your Manifesting

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With Rev. Olivia Humter

Thursdays, May 10, 17 ,24

$25 Members/$30 Friends of ISD-DC  per class

(Discount if all classes are paid in full before the start of the first class)

Add the power of “focusing your feelings” to your practice of self-responsibility and managing your thoughts in this class that explores aspects of the work of Abraham-Hicks.  Using techniques from the book “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent,” Rev. Olivia Hunter assists you in identifying ways to harness the energy of the way you feel to move you toward the joyous attainment of your desires.  In this course we will:
  • Review basic principles of the guidance offered by Abraham-Hicks.
  • Understand why thinking positively isn’t always enough to manifest what you want.
  • Uncover hidden beliefs operating through your feelings that can derail your best intentions.
  • Unravel the complexity of desire and its importance to the process of manifestation.
  • Identify and practice techniques for getting and staying on track for the deliberate attainment of goals.
Attendees are encouraged, but not required, to read “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent,” channeled by Abraham through Esther & Jerry Hicks. Copies of the book will be for sale or borrow from Rev. Hunter before each class. The book can also be purchased through, and indicating ISD-DC as a beneficiary, support our Spiritual Community.

REGISTER & PAY Please bring printed or digital receipt

About Rev. Olivia Hunter

Rev. Olivia Hunter is a minister at the Institute for Spiritual Development in Washington DC.  Ordained in 1998, she currently serves as medium, healer and board member.  She is also a certified Human Resources professional.

Deliberate Intent: The Way to Maximize Your Manifesting

Institute for Spiritual Development


7:30 pm - 9:15 pm

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