An Evening of Kirtan (Chanting) Meditation with Helixx & Dorianne Lumina

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with Helixx & Dorianne Lumina
Friday, May 18, 2018
**8:30 p.m.**
$25 Admission*

*Included for participants in “Spring Awakening”

Kirtan is not your usual sit-in-theatre-style-concert experience, being more of an inner journey reflection rather than an traditional performance.  Through listening and chanting, you find your own voice, and allow it to become one with fellow participants and the performers.

If you find seated meditations challenging, you may might find you connect much more closely with a singing meditation.  Music bypasses the thinking/worried/processing/mind, and goes straight to the emotion center of the brain.   Kirtan’s musical meditation is easy to learn, soothes and energizes, and calms the “monkey mind” without the struggle to concentrate. And it’s FUN!

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and are welcome to bring a blanket or yoga mat if they’d prefer to sit on the floor.

About the Performers/Leaders

Helixx toured throughout the world for several years with Enrique Iglesias, as the performer’s main DJ,  Last Spring, Helixx made a significant career shift, choosing to focus his energies on his own musical productions and becoming an empowering full-time yoga teacher.Though he had been a practicing yogi since age eight, it was while touring with Iglesias in India that he was inspired to return to the United States and begin a life changing yoga teacher training.

Dorianne_HeadshotDorianne Lumina began teaching yoga in 2009.  Her devotion to her practice instilled deeper peace and equanimity while facing the demands of being a modern day high school teacher.  During her transition of careers to the healing and performing arts she journeyed into the world of yoga by traveling the east coast with artist Wynne Paris, offering yoga fusion workshops emphasizing the heart and joy of Bhakti mantra medicine, otherwise known as devotional yoga through community Kirtans. Since then she has also collaborated with other artists, including sharing the stage with Govinda.  Currently she now works as a yoga & meditation teacher, massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, vocalist, poet, and dancer.  Bringing poetry to life, Dorianne Lumina nurtures passion and healing into the essence of her instruction, choreography, composition, and collaborative efforts. Through Yoga, Reiki, and Massage, she incorporates the use of various healing modalities and tools. She finds that manual therapy is greatly enhanced with a blend of crystal energy work, vibrational sound healing, pranayama breath work, and aromatherapy.

Register & Pay (please present electronic or printed receipt

An Evening of Kirtan (Chanting) Meditation with Helixx & Dorianne Lumina

Institute for Spiritual Development


8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

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