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Full disclosure: Often when we have a weekend of activities like we did last week with SpiritFest and Dedication Sunday, I get a touch of the “pre-game” jitters. This is mostly because it can be overwhelming, even exhausting, to think of all that has to happen between setup on a Friday evening and clean-up late Sunday afternoon.

And suddenly, the weekend of events is upon us, and everything unfolds for the first event with awe-inspiring execution. The team leader for the event has everything under control, the volunteers are in place, people are flowing through the doors. Before you know it, we are GroupHomilylocking up the church for the evening and those of us who had been staffing the event are on an adrenaline-fueled euphoria because we have had so much fun manifesting a successful and energizing experience.

For me, I’m too jazzed to be concerned or worried about the next day’s event, so I am surprisingly calm by the time the clock as started for it. And, as with the day before, everyone arrives on-point, head-in-the-game, “all-in” with participation, and BOOM! Day two’s event has concluded and I am on my way home, having heaped a helping of bliss right on top of yesterday’s euphoria.

And I marvel at the sheer wonderfulness of the awesome people whom I am blessed to know as members of our Spiritual Community, and as friends. They energize instead of deplete. They celebrate, rather than supplicate. They participate out of dedication, not obligation.

As we all come together for events like SpiritFest, Dedication Sunday, classes or even our regular Sunday Services, we deepen our connection to the Divine Within just a bit more. And I am reminded after each and every event just how unnecessary my worrying is…because our ISDDC community is strong, curious, adventurous, creative and resourceful. Our vibration will always be humming a gazillion times faster after every experience we share with one another,

At our Dedication Sunday Service this past week, we launched our annual pledge program. We asked folks at the Service and at the Family Gratitude Luncheon, to reflect on the critical role we all play as a Source of Life for our Spiritual Community, and the building that is our Community’s home.

(View the Dedication Sunday Service video here. View Dedication Sunday pictures here)

I am asking you now to do the same. Because we all have a story about our experience coming to, and becoming a part of, ISDDC. Some of our ministerial staff shared theirs as a “group homily” during our Dedication Sunday service last week. Each story was unique, and all stories revealed their profound love of ISDDC  — and a clear call to serve their Community.

What’s yours? Current member? Former member? E-newsletter subscriber? Class or other event participant? Whatever your story is, it is part of ISDDC’s story! You also are a source of ISDDC’s Life.

beamthebeaconAnd when our Community’s Life is vibrant and rich, the Beacon it was created to be for Spiritual Seekers beams even brighter and reaches even farther. If you are a member, if you are a regular attendee in the congregation or classes, if you enjoy this newsletter, or follow us on social media, think about how enriched, enlightened, even entertained you are by the Life that ISDDC offers. And then please make your pledge or donation so that this Life can continue to evolve, mature and guide in 2019. Just download the pdf of the pledge form, fill it out, and mail it back to: Beam the Beacon c/o ISDDC, 5419 Sherier Pl NW Washington, D.C. 20016. Or scan it and email it to me at revrobb@isd-dc.org.

I am so grateful for you! I am grateful for the Life you bring to ISDDC, and I wish you and all those souls close to you a Thanksgiving abundant in love and gratitude.

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Rev. Rob Banaszak, Pastor, ISDDC

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