My Journey to ISD: Arranged by the Universe!

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PRACTICAL REKI-ALICE LANGHOLTBy Alice Langholt, Reiki Master/Teacher

I’m thrilled to share the story of how I came to ISD, because it’s one of those obviously-arranged-by-the-Universe kinds of stories!

And it all started with a T-shirt.

In October of 2013, my family and I moved to Gaithersburg from Cleveland, Ohio. We knew no one except my sister, who lives in lives in DC. Two weeks later, my oldest daughter, Rayna, was wearing her Camp Wise tee-shirt to middle school gym class. Camp Wise is an overnight camp in the Cleveland area, where lots of kids go in the summer.

A classmate named Hannah noticed Rayna’s shirt, and asked her if she was from Cleveland. Turns out that Hannah moved to the area from Cleveland 10 years before!  Soon they were chatting up a storm about Cleveland, and Rayna was excited to come home and share her “coincidence” with me about her new friend.

Later that day after Rayna had gotten home from school, we got a call from the school saying that she had left her math binder in the Guidance Office. Since she needed it for her evening homework, Rayna dashed back on her bike and cajoled her sister Sari into coming with her.

It just so happens (here comes the flood)…that Hannah and her sisters and mom were at school when Rayna and Sari got there. They were all talking excitedly about Cleveland. When Hannah’s mom, Kelly, heard Rayna’s last name, she said she remembered my name from the same temple where I had worked in Cleveland, where she belonged before they moved here! Kelly gave Rayna and Sari a ride home with their bikes so she could say hi to me.

We all talked in my driveway, and Kelly invited my family to dinner the next Friday night. We happily accepted, of course! During the course of conversation that night at dinner, Kelly said that she loves and has been to the Spiritualist haven of Lily Dale, NY three times. I had taught in Lily Dale for the previous two summers. The odds that the first person I “randomly” meet from Maryland is into holistic/metaphysical stuff, and has been to Lily Dale, are rare enough, let alone that I was sitting having dinner with this same person, and she knows me from living in Cleveland, and we went to the same temple…I mean, these are lottery winner odds!

Here’s where ISD comes in.

Kelly also told me about a metaphysical church around here that’s having a healing service this Sunday, and I suggested that we go together. That Sunday, Kelly picked me up, and we went together. This was my first introduction to ISD, and I loved it right away.

After the service, I met Reverend Patricia Makin and told her that I’m looking for a place to be my “teaching home” in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. After some emails and conversations, I was teaching my first ISD class, Manifesting Made Simple.

I had  10 wonderful students in this class, and during one of our class discussions, I realized that one of the students, Laraine Lomberg, is also my neighbor from right down the street! She became one of my favorite people in the area, and here was just another way for Universe to give me a big, huge grin to remind me that I’m always in the right place, and I’ve found my home again.

Putting down roots in the “DMV, “ and joining the ISD community has been a wonderful blessing for me. I’m so thrilled to make ISD my teaching home. I love everyone I’ve met here, the energy, and I am so very aligned with the spirituality of ISD as well.

Thank you, ISD, for welcoming me home.

Alice will be teaching Practical Reiki Workshop Level Three Certification Class on Saturday, June 13. Click here for more information.

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