Front AngelkinsAngelkins are highly-charged, energy amplifiers of your focused, sacred intent. Beautiful to behold, they are deceptively powerful! Lovingly handcrafted and spiritually intentioned by Light workers at The Institute for Spiritual Development, each Angelkin is blessed by the Holy Ministry and charged by a Reiki Healing Master. Selected semi-precious stones and a Feng Shui Swarovski crystal help magnify and expand the sacred intention into manifestation.

Each Angelkin comes with a Prayer of Intention and an explanation of the metaphysical properties of the crystals used. Detailed instructions explaining how to charge your Angelkin are a part of the accompanying brochure.

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Inside Angelkin
Angelkins are $14.95 plus $2.25 for shipping or get them at the ISD Bookstore and save on shipping.

They make a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthday or other special occasion. They enhance your meditations and healing work.

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