Healing/Special Intentions Prayer Requests

The Institute provides prayer and healing for those who request it, managed by Rev. Fredi Stewart.  A group of healers and spiritually attuned individuals sit quietly at the appointed hour to meditate on the healing and special intentions of those who desire it.   
If you would like your name or someone else’s name placed on this list, please complete the form below and submit it.   The information provided here is held in the strictest confidence.   We do not ask the nature of the healing or of the special intention to assure that privacy.   Healing will be sent with the idea of wholeness and balance for the recipient and for their highest good.  

If there is an operation prayer requested, fill in the date and time of the operation.  Special Intention prayers will be offered for the intention held in the mind of the recipient with this proviso — this or something better. The Garden of Transition is for those who have passed. Hospital Visit, is for requesting visits to a hospital – provide the necessary information.

There is no charge for this service, however we ask that you remember the Institute’s needs in your giving and add the Institute and its dedicated workers and volunteers to your personal prayers of wholeness and thanks.