Members get itpower group retreat shotHOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER?

Step one is a meeting with our Membership Chair, Rev. Martha Saenz, and our Pastor, Rev. Rob Banaszak.  The purpose of that meeting is to review the Declaration of Principles and discuss any questions you may have. Membership is annual. Cost of membership is $20 for an individual, $30 for a family. Every January, a membership renewal form is sent to current members, and the membership fee is paid once a year.

People normally join ISD-DC after they have been attending for at least six months, and find it to be the right place for them.  People who choose to become members experience ISD-DC as their spiritual home, and choose to have an active role in cultivating growth, fellowship and sustainability by sharing their time, their talents and their financial resources for the continued growth of our Spiriutal home and those who seek its energizing and healing people and events. We also have many regular congregants who choose not to become members, and they of course they are welcome! It’s a personal choice.

Picnic1There are two requirements of membership.  One is that members pledge their financial support, generally on a weekly basis. The amount of the pledge is what feels right to the person pledging and is never discussed or made public. The second requirement of membership is that the members select an area of service, such as being on the ushers team, the hospitality team, the bookstore team, or some other area of service to our Spiritual Home.

We offer a small discount for classes and events at ISD-DC to members, as well as in the bookstore, to thank members for their ongoing support.

If you choose to join, complete the Membership Form and the Pledge Form and give it to any minister. We will email you the membership info, just Click on ‘Contact Us’ and let us know how we can contact you.

When you become a member, we encourage you to choose to serve in some capacity. Our ministers can help you determine where your interests and abilities can best be of service. Service is FUN at ISD.

For more information, speak with any of our ministers at the Sunday Service, or schedule an appointment with Rev. Rob at

Membership /Renewal