Flowers for Sunday Service

flowerbunchHonor or memorialize a loved one or a special day by making a donation for a bouquet of flowers that will be arranged and put in the Sanctuary on the podium for the Sunday Service of your choosing!  You make the donation through PayPal and let us know whom or what event they honor or are in memory of, we’ll do the rest! CHECK THIS CALENDAR TO SEE IF FLOWERS ARE ALREADY BOOKED AND TO CHOOSE THE AVAILABLE DATE FOR YOUR FLOWERS

Sunday Flowers Calendar

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Flower Donation Form

Please complete this form for your Flower Donation. You may enter 4 lines as you wish it to appear in our Sunday Bulletin:In Memory of In Honor of, etc. Click SUBMIT to save the information for our bulletin. If you want us to get the flowers then Click the DONATE button. If you are bringing the flowers the SUBMIT is only required.
  • Choose the Sunday you wish to donate flowers