Treasure Mapping Getting Ready for the Personally Empowering 1 Universal year 2017

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With Rev. Kathy Kerston
Saturday,  February 18, 2017
1 p.m. – 5 p.m.
$80 members/$85 non-members

Treasure Mapping has long been a favorite metaphysical practice of setting intention, envisioning your desires, and manifesting them into your reality. But thanks to the magical tools that instructor Rev. Kathy Kerston will be drawing on to infuse and intensify your map’s energy, you can be sure that the map you create in this workshop will be more powerful than any you have created before! Your map will be impregnated with energy that is specific to you and your wishes.

Using your Astrology chart and your Human Design chart, and laying them out using Feng Shui, you’ll create a highly-customized treasure map/vision board that you’ll empower with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as “tapping.” This highly charged map is not one you will put away when you get home — you will use it and “charge it” every New Moon all year long.

Please register no later than February 10 (using PayPal form below is the quickest, easiest way to expedite and confirm your registration).   Then submit your birth information to Kathy Kerston at ASAP. Even if she may have received it before for previous sessions, please send it to her again.

NO sign ups the day of the workshop. All participant charts will already be completed.

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About Rev. Kathy Kerston

RevKathyKerstonRev. Kathy is the Director of Institute for Spiritual Development’s sister church in Sparta, NJ. She has been an International Astrologer, writer, teacher, hypnotherapist and lecturer for over 35 years. She has hosted a TV show “The Metaphysical Messenger” and has just published her book “Balancing Your Orbit.” Rev. Kathy lectures, teaches and conducts workshops on varied metaphysical subjects, including: The Laws of Attraction and Abundance; Treasure Mapping; “EFT”- Emotional Freedom Technique; and Astrology.

Treasure Mapping  Getting Ready for the Personally Empowering 1 Universal year  2017

Institute for Spiritual Development


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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