Psychic Development Master Class Series: Course One

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With Rev. James De Biasio & Lyriel Claire
Thursdays, April 20 and 27, 7:30 p.m. 

Calling all psychics!

ISD-DC has long been proud of our team of gifted intuitives and psychics we have as part of our ISD family. Many serve regularly for our popular Message Circle and Psychic Fair, or following a Sunday Service. Many have participated in ISD-DC psychic development classes or gathered as a psychic development circle. Many have successful practices outside of church as well.

And all of our team knows that the best way to continue to hone and develop our abilities is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE!

So let’s practice together! Over the next few months, ISD-DC will present a Psychic Development Master Class series, covering a broad range of topics and exercises to stimulate, sharpen and strengthen our psychic abilities.

This month, Rev. James De Biasio and Lyriel Claire kick off this course with a two-part series:

“Grease the Wheel” –  featuring  intensive exercises designed to ignite our intuition with rapid message delivery and blind readings.

“Sync With Spirit”  – featuring exercises and activities to increase and deepen our connection with the Spirit World.

Each class begins with useful insights, then will move to participation, comments and discussion.

Bring your willingness and determination, and expect a leap in your intuitive ability.

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RevJamesDeBiasio_InstagramAbout Rev. James De Biasio

Rev. Jim’s mastery of philosophy, spirituality and metaphysics spans some 40 years. He has designed and conducted courses, workshops and retreats. He founded the Institute for Spiritual Development nearly 40 years ago and now serves as its Spiritual Advisor.




LyrielClaireAbout Lyriel Claire
Lyriel Claire is an accomplished and popular workshop leader with ISD-DC and at Sacred Circle Books in Alexandria VA. She has been a longtime member of ISD-DC’s Medium and Healing teams, and sees clients in private practice as an energy healer as well
as an intuitive.  Lyriel  also shares her musical gifts as one of ISD-DC’s longest-serving piano accompanists for Services.

Psychic Development Master Class Series: Course One

Institute for Spiritual Development


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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