ISDivas Conversation Circle

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With Rev. Theresa Prigmore
Last Sunday of each month
1 p.m. following Celebration Service
After hearing the call for several months from ISD members for a women’s discussion group, the ISDivas had their first meeting on Sunday January 29, and it was a hit!
The ISDivas will be meeting on the last Sunday of each month, to focus on using metaphysical principles in day-to-day living:
  • How do we demonstrate our belief in everyday life?
  • How do we walk our talk?
  • How to we get back in step when we start to stumble?

Facilitated by Rev. Theresa Prigmore, the ISDivas Conversation Circle is intended to be a safe and sacred space to have meaningful discussion about living what we believe.

Join in when you are able!

ISDivas Conversation Circle

Institute for Spiritual Development


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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