Exploring and Experiencing Kundalini Yoga

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 with Rosemary Peters

July 30, 2017, 12:45 p.m.

$25 members/$30 non-members

  • What is Kundalini energy?
  • How can Kundalini Yoga help you reach your highest potential?
  • How does Kundalini Yoga differ from other forms of yoga?
  • What techniques are incorporated in a Kundalini Yoga practice?
  • What can I expect to experience from Kundalini Yoga?
  • Is Kundalini Yoga safe? Can I practice it every day?

This heart-opening and joyful workshop explores Kundalini energy and explains how the dynamic blend of breathing, movements, meditations and mantras,​​ the powerful tools of Kundalini Yoga, open your heart to your full human potential.

During this workshop, you will experience ancient Yogic techniques including:

  • ​​Pranayama: Breath control
  • Mantras: Sacred sounds
  • Mudras: Hand gestures
  • Kriyas: Yogic postures
  • Relaxations: Freedom from tension and anxiety
  • Meditations: Quieting the mind’s noise

Practicing these techniques gives you a profound sense of inner stillness, releasing tension from your mental, emotional and physical bodies, allowing your inner awareness to shine. This process of inner cleansing helps you experience an effortless awareness, which is always present behind your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations the experience of who you truly are

No previous Yoga experience is required or necessary for this workshop, just a humble willingness to participate with an open mind and heart to explore your inner space full of love, peace, joy and creativity.

All movements will be done while seated.

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Exploring and Experiencing Kundalini Yoga

Institute for Spiritual Development


12:45 pm - 2:45 pm

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