Cornucopia Club

A curved horn overflowing with fruit and grains, used as a decorative emblem of abundance; An inexhaustible store: ABUNDANCE.

We use the cornucopia as the symbol of our club because it holds such wonderful delights, and is never-ending.

The Incredible Power
We all have a dream that good fortune is just around the corner. To be human is to share that expectation.
Like good wine, abundance is most enjoyable when it is shared. The Cornucopia Club is designed to focus the creative power of the group to generate unexpected financial gain for its members. By consciously uniting the imagination and will of many participants, the power to generate that unexpected twist of fortune is magnified exponentially.
Club members recite the Prosperity Prayer aloud at least once a day. Repetition and verbalization are powerful tools in awakening the natural prosperity consciousness in all of us. When this is combined with the force of so many others focusing on your expectation as well, the results are astounding. Reinforce this again with the promise of gifting ten percent to your church, and the power is miraculous!
Finally we add the oversight and prayers of the Ministerial Staff of the Institute to help manifest prosperity in the lives of all Cornucopia Club members.

“Expect a Miracle.” Surely you’ve heard that before. In the Cornucopia Club, we join our intentions to see the reality before it happens.
Our task is to be patient, persistent, and to appreciate the abundance already all around us. As we see abundance, notice it more and more, it becomes a part of our fiber, a part of what we expect.
Through this persistent change in perception and thought, we literally create new pathways in the brain to fulfill new expectations of prosperity.
We are also creating that reality for those around us. This is not a simple exercise in filling our own bank accounts; we are energizing a reality of abundance for everyone.

Divine Spirit, I open myself to the flow of increased prosperity in my life. I surrender all limitation and doubt which act as a barrier to the acceptance of my birthright of universal abundance for myself and all with whom I am united in this intent.
Increase for us by all positive means the expression of our Divine inheritance. I come now in strength to produce in me and for all the unexpected abundance made possible.
Assist us as we fulfill our purpose by the combined energy of our united intention.
So it shall be, now, and forevermore.

Members get it
With my submission of the form below, I commit myself to the CORNUCOPIA CLUB, and the actions stated below with the express intention of expanding and enhancing the prosperity of my fellow club members, my church, and of sending that enhanced energy around the earth to all our fellow travelers.
I pledge to recite aloud the Prosperity Prayer once a day.
I pledge to be mindful of my words, thoughts, and deeds, and continuously move them towards a more powerful expression of prosperity.
I pledge to tithe ten percent of all unexpected financial increase to my church within ten days of receiving any financial windfall.

To tithe, you may donate by PayPal

Or you may mail the tithe your unexpected balance by check to:
The Institute for Spiritual Development
5419 Sherier Pl. NW
Washington, DC 20016

Cornucopia Club Membership Form

Join us as a member in the Cornucopia Club. Please fill out this form and join us in prayer for abundance for all.